2015 Cohort

Xiao Ke
Email: xiao.ke@duke.edu 

Research interests: semiotics, (spatio-)temporality, queer theory, Tibetan diasporas in Dharamsala, India.

José Romero

Email: jose.a.romero@duke.edu 

Research interests: migration, agricultural labor, food policy, mining, self-defense, and securitization in Michoacán, Mexico.

Christopher Webb
Email: christopher.m.webb@duke.edu 

Research interests: US military, social suffering, trauma, nationalism, and structural violence.

Jake Silver
Email: jake.silver@duke.edu 

Research interests: death and dying, new media, Israel/Palestine.

2014 Cohort

Kelly Alexander
Email: kelly.alexander@duke.edu
Research interests: food marketing, globesity.

Christopher Daley
Email: christopher.daley@duke.edu
Research interests: anthropology of space and place, political economy, ethnography, spectatorship, sports, globalization, transnationalism and inequality, Cuba.

Zachary Levine
Email: zachary.e.levine@duke.edu
Research interests: gender and sexuality; secularism and dis/enchantment; aesthetics, media, value; Brazil.

Fatma Mentes
Email: fatma.mentes@duke.edu
Research interests: securitization, space and drone technology, Turkey.

Matthew Sebastian
Email: matthew.sebastian@duke.edu
Research interests: youth, humanitarian intervention, Uganda/East Africa.

2013 Cohort

Joella Bitter
Email: joella.bitter@duke.edu
Research interests:  Sound/noise, reconstruction, political ecology/economy, materiality and sensation, time/space, postcolonial/social theory, Uganda/Africa.

Anna Dowell
Email: anna.dowell@duke.edu
Research interests: Evangelical Protestantism, citizenship, political imaginaries, neoliberalism, Middle East/Egypt.

Can Evren
Email: can.evren@duke.edu
Research interests: soccer, coaching, sports and modernity, Turkey/Europe.

Carla Hung
Email: carla.hung@duke.edu    
Research interests: migration, secularism, Catholic church, Italy/Europe.

Christina Tekie
Email: christina.tekie@duke.edu
Research interests: anthropology of corporations, beer, extraversion, concessionary politics, Ethiopia/Africa.

2012 Cohort

Mackenzie Cramblit
Email: mackenzie.cramblit@duke.edu
Research interests: land and property; conservation, development, natural heritage; technology and renewable energy; Science and Technology Studies; Scotland, UK.

Jay Hammond
Email: jay.hammond@duke.edu
Research interests: Oxycontin abuse, music, political economy of pharmaceuticals.

Ana Huang
Email: ana.huang@duke.edu
Research interests: Queer women's activism in China, affect and temporality, collective imaginaries.

Louis Yako
Email: louis.yako@duke.edu
Research interests: diaspora and exile, higher education, Iraqi academics and intellectuals, Middle East/Iraq.

Yidong Gong
Email: yidong.gong@duke.edu    
Research interests: ethics, humanitarianism, medicine, China, East Africa.

Jason Woerner
Email: jason.woerner@duke.edu
Research interests: media production, ASEAN, political economy, nationalism, Thailand.

2011 Cohort

Yakein Abdelmagid
Email: yakein.abdelmagid@duke.edu
Research interests: neoliberalism and immaterial labor,  music production, aesthetics and politics, precarity in Egypt.

Stephanie Friede
Email: stephanie.friede@duke.edu
Research interests: globalization / neoliberalism and politics of memory, environmental anthropology; Latin America.             

Elena Turevon
Email: elena.stewart@duke.edu
Research interests: climate change, social imagination, risk, the anthropocene, the Andes.

Brian Smithson
Email: brian.smithson@duke.edu
Research interests: films and media studies, religious encounter, Benin, West Africa

Patrick Galbraith
Email: patrick.galbraith@duke.edu
Research interests: alternative forms of intimacy, contemporary Japanese capitalism, Japan.

2010 Cohort

Alyssa Miller
Email: alyssa.miller@duke.edu
Research interests: Islam, migration, Tunisia, the Middle East

Spencer Orey
Email: spencer.orey@duke.edu
Research interests: media, humanitarianism, West Africa, Mali/Morocco

Ameem Lutfi
Email: ameem.lutfi@duke.edu
Research interests: politics, local understandings, post-colonialism, Pakistan

Serkan Yolacan
Email: serkan.yolacan@duke.edu
Research interests: Islamic Culture, Azerbaijan

Samuel Shearer
Email: samuel.shearer@duke.edu
Research interests: politics of development, urban planning and infrastructure building, Rwanda, Central Africa.

2009 Cohort

Tamar Shirinian
Email: tamar.shirinian@duke.edu
Research interests: cultural production, LGBT rights discourse, feminist theory, nationalism, Armenia.

Layla Brown
Email: layla.brown@duke.edu
Research interests: social movements, African diaspora, gender, Black Feminist critique, Latin America.
Dissertation Title: Raising Voices, Building History: Afro-Venezuelan Women as Test Case for the Promise of the Bolivarian Revolution

Cagri Yoltar-Durukan
Email: cagri.yoltar-durukan@duke.edu
Research interests: state ethnography, theories on sovereignty, governmentality, subjectivity, post-colonial theory; Middle East/Turkey.

2007 Cohort

Lorien R. Olive
Email: lorien.olive@duke.edu
Research interests:
Dissertation Title: The Exceptional City: Guayaquileno Autonomy, Urban Regeneration and Political Subjectivity in Ecuador

    • Brian Smithson in Benin
    • Cultural Anthropology graduate student, Brian Smithson conducts summer field research in Benin.

    • Elena Turevon_Peru
    • Graduate student, Elena Turevon, with mountaineer extraordinaire Robert Flores and archaeologist Rafael Segura in Ancash, Peru.

    • nzinga photo
    • Graduate student, Fari Nzinga, writes fieldnotes while conducting exploratory fieldwork in New Orleans. 

    • ivan last day photos 149
    • Graduate student Stephanie Friede, conducting summer field research in Southern Mexico about the emergence of wind energy on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

    • windenergy
    • Graduate student, Stephanie Friede, conducts summer field research at the Nordic Folklife Center in Denmark. 

    • web
    • Carla Hung is studying Eritrean asylum seekers who are protesting compulsory fingerprinting that would limit their freedom of movement through Europe.

    • field work
    • Graduate student, Arianne Dorval accompanying a group of Marseille-based undocumented migrants on their way to see a play based on their life stories . 

  • redbrick