Name, Short Description Current Positions
Katya Gibel (Azoulay) Mevorack
Ph.D. 1995
DISSERTATION TITLE: It's not the Color of your Skin but the Race of your Kin, and Other Myths of Identity
Associate Professor, Anthropology & American Studies, Grinnell College

Nadia Abu El-Haj
Ph.D. 1995
DISSERTATION TITLE: Excavating the Land, Creating the Homeland: Archaeology, the State, and the Making of History in Modern Jewish Nationalism
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Barnard College

Madelaine Adelman
Ph.D. 1997
DISSERTATION TITLE: Family, Law, Nation, and Violence: The Gendered Costs of Israeli Domestic Politics
Associate Professor, Justice & Social Inquiry Studies, Arizona State University

Attiya Ahmad

Ph.D. 2009

DISSERTATION TITLE: Limits of Conversion: Dawa, Domestic Work, and Migrant South Asian Women in Kuwait

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, George Washington University

Ayse Gul Altinay
Ph.D. 2001
DISSERTATION TITLE: Making Citizens, Making Soldiers: Military Service, Education and Gender in Turkey
Assistant Professor (equiv), Cultural Studies, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

Jason Anderman
JD/MA 1997
Counsel, Becton, Dickinson and Co. and Adjunct Professor, Seton Hall Univ School of Law

Net Bar

Ph.D. 2013

DISSERTATION TITLE: Tightrope Walkers: An Ethnography of Yoga, Precariousness, and Privilege in California's Silicon Valley

Emily Bieber -- JD/MA
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Case Studies in Gay and Lesbian Law
CHAIR: Rebecca Stein

Pamela Block
Ph.D. 1997
DISSERTATION TITLE: Biology, Culture, and Cognitive Disability: 20th Century Professional Discourses in Brazil and the United States
Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy Program, SUNY - Stonybrook

Tracy M Brown
Ph.D. 2000
DISSERTATION TITLE: Ideologies of "Indianness" in New Mexico, 1692-1820: Personhood and Identity in the Colonial Encounter
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work, Central Michigan University

Kelsey Cameron -- JD/MA
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Self-representation in the legal system; cross-cultural navigation of the system.
CHAIR: Rebecca Stein

Leigh Campoamor

Ph.D. 2012

DISSERTATION TITLE: Public Childhoods: Street Labor, Family and the Politics of Progress in Peru

 Teaching Fellow, International Comparative Studies, Duke University

Jennifer Chien:

Ph.D. 2013

DISSERTATION TITLE: Without Our Culture, We Don't Have Our History, We Don't Have Our Future:  Culture, Migrant Communities, and Corporate Social Responsibility in China

Ya-Chung Chuang
Ph.D. 2000
DISSERTATION TITLE: Activism as a Vocation: Social Movements in Urban Taiwan
Assistant Professor, College of Hakka Studies, National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan

Richard Collier

Ph.D. 2004

DISSERTATION TITLE: Of Autarchic Expressionism: Rethinking Resistance and Subjectivity through Ahmad Ar-Raysuni during Morocco's Colonial Encounter

Technical Services Archivist, Duke University

Anne Dana

JD/MA 2011

RESEARCH INTERETS: Gender, Anthropology of Law, Social Construction Theory, Human Rights

Heather Dell
Ph.D. 1999
DISSERTATION TITLE: Hierarchies of Femininity: Sex Workers, Feminists, and the Nation
Associate Professor, Women's Studies, Univ. of Illinois,Springfield

Kirsten Edey
DEGREES: BS (highest honors) in Conservation and Resource Studies at U.C. Berkeley.
DISSERTATION TITLE: Transgression and Transcendence: Distress, Healing and the Management of Personal Boundaries in Urban Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
CHAIR: Katherine Ewing

Les Field
Ph.D. 1987
DISSERTATION TITLE: "I Am Content With My Art:" Two Groups of Artisans in Revolutionary Nicaragua
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Katherine Frank
Ph.D. 1999
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Intimate Labors: Masculinity, Consumption, and Authenticity in Five Gentlemen's Clubs
Research Faculty, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Marla Frederick
Ph.D. 2000
DISSERTATION TITLE: The Cultural Politics of Religious Experience: African American Women's Spirituality and Activism in the Contemporary US South
Assistant Professor, Religion & African American Studies, Harvard University

Jan H. French
Ph.D. 2003
DISSERTATION TITLE: The Rewards of Resistance: Legalizing Identity Among Descendants of Indios and Fugitive Slaves in Northeast Brazil
CHAIR: William O'Barr
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Richmond

Jack Friedman
Ph.D. 2003
DISSERTATION TITLE: Ambiguous Transitions and Abjected Selves: Betrayal, Entitlement, and Globalization in Romania's Jiu Valley

Research Scientist, University of Oklahoma


Micah Gilmer

Ph.D. 2009

DISSERTATION TITLE: "You Got to Have a Heart of Stone to Work Here": Coaching, Teaching, and "Building Men" at Eastside  High

Clinical Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Brian Goldstone

Ph.D. 2012

DISSERTATION TITLE: The Miraculous Life: Scenes from the Charismatic Encounter in Northern Chana

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Columbia University

Lila E. Gray
Ph.D. 2005
DISSERTATION TITLE: Re-Sounding History Embodying Place: Fado Performance in Lisbon, Portugal
Associate Professor, Music Department (Ethnomusicology), Columbia University

Giles Harrison-Conwill

Ph.D. 2010

DISSERTATION TITLE: Inhabiting The City: Citizenship and Democracy in Caracas, Venezuela

Visiting Scholar, Duke University 

Jennifer Hasty
Ph.D. 1999
DISSERTATION TITLE: Big Language, Brown Envelopes: The Press and Political Culture in Ghana
Research Associate, African Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Carie Little Hersh
JD/MA 2002
RESEARCH INTERESTS: PMS as a Defense for Violence: Women, Culture and the Law
Graduate Student, Anthropology Department, UNC Chapel Hill

Jennifer Hirsch
Ph.D. 2000
DISSERTATION TITLE: Building Collective Identities in Global Times: A Study of the Southeast Regional Economic Justice Network
Director, Chicago Field Studies Program, Northwestern University

Susan F. Hirsch
Ph.D. 1990
DISSERTATION TITLE: Gender and Disputing: Insurgent Voices in Coastal Kenyan Muslim Courts
Associate Professor, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

Danny Hoffman
Ph.D. 2004
DISSERTATION TITLE: The Kamajors of Sierra Leone: New Magic and the War-Machine
Associate Professor, Anthropology Department, University of Washington

Marro Inoue
Ph.D. 1999
DISSERTATION TITLE: US Military Base Problems in Okanowa, Japan
Assistant Professor, Japan Studies Program, University of Kentucky

Kristina M. Jacobsen

Ph.D. 2012

DISSERTATION TITLE: Manly Voices: Navajo Country Music and the Politics of Indigeneity

Visiting Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University, Department of Anthropology

Alvaro Jarrin

Ph.D. 2010

DISSERTATION TITLE: Cosmetic Citizenship: Beauty, Affect and Social Inequality in Southeastern Brazil

 Duke University Post Doc

Heather Johnson -- JD/MA
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Kindship and gender, science studies, international law.
CHAIR: Rebecca Stein

Mara Kaufman 

 Ph.D. 2010

DISSERTATION TITLE: We Are From Before, but We Are New: Autonomy, Territory, and the Production of New Subjects of Self-government in Zapatismo

Postdoc, Lecturing Fellow, Duke University

June Hee Kwon

Ph.D. 2013

DISSERTATION TITLE: Mobile Ethnicity: The Formation of the Korean Chinese Transnational Migrant Class

Visiting Scholar, Duke University

Gonzalo Lamana
Ph.D. 2005
DISSERTATION TITLE: Between Contact and Domination: The Production of Order in Early 16th Century Peru

Associate Professor, Hispanic Languages and Literature

 University of Pittsburgh

Katherine Lambert-Pennington
Ph.D. 2005
DISSERTATION TITLE: Belonging to the Land, Being in Australia: Koori Identity at La Perouse
Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of Memphis

Evelyn Legare
Ph.D. 1999
DISSERTATION TITLE: Nobody Speaks for the Nation Anymore: Canada's Problems with Itself
Program Manager, Walking/Cycling/Planning, Melbourne, Australia

Sylvia Lim
Ph.D. 1999
DISSERTATION TITLE: About Face: American Nationalism under Transnationalism
Visiting Scholar,

Louisa Lombard

Ph.D. 2012

DISSERTATION TITLE: Raiding Sovereignty in Central African Borderlands

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
Gabriella Lukacs
Ph.D. 2005
DISSERTATION TITLE: Romancing the Nation, Dramatizing Citizenship: Television Dramas, Women and Millennial Japan
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh

Sangeeta Luthra
Ph.D. 1998
RESEARCH INTERESTS: The Cultural Politics of Development in the Age of NGOs: Grassroots Development in an Indian Metropolis
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Elizabeth McBrearty -- JD/MA
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Gender and the American legal system, reproductive rights law, queer theory and transexuality
CHAIR: Rebecca Stein

Chris McCollum
Ph.D. 2000
DISSERTATION TITLE: The Cultural Patterning of Self-Understanding: A Cognitive-Psychoanalytic Approach to Middle-Class Americans'Life Stories
Director, Qualitative Research, The U30 Group

Susan McDonic
Ph.D. 2004
DISSERTATION TITLE: Transnational Christian Charity: World vision, Faith, Development, and the Negotiation of Culture
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, American University
Molly Mullin
Ph.D. 1993
DISSERTATION TITLE: Consuming the American Southwest: Culture, Art, and Difference
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Albion College

Tamisha Navarro

Ph.D. 2010

DISSERTATION TITLE: Virgin Capital: Foreign Investment and Local Stratification in The US Virgin Islands

Post Doc, Rutger University

Lisa Neuman
Ph.D. 2002
DISSERTATION TITLE: Recapturing Culture: American Indian Identities at Bacone College, 1927-1955
Associate Professor, Anthropology and Native American Studies, University of Maine

Joanne Passaro
Ph.D. 1995
DISSERTATION TITLE: Men on the Street, Women in Their Place: Homelessness, Race and "Family Values"
Acting Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs, Mercy College

Jennifer Prough
PhD 2006
DISSERTATION TITLE: Reading Culture, Engendering Girls: Politics of the Everyday in the Production of Girls' Manga
CHAIR: Anne Allison
Associate Professor, Valparaiso University

Kaifa Roland

Ph.D. 2004

DISSERTATION TITLE: El Color No Importa: Tourism and Race in Comtemporary Cuba

Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, University of Colorodo

Bianca C. Williams

Ph.D. 2009

DISSERTATION TITLE: American Realities, Diasporic Dreams: Pursing Happiness, Love, and Girlfriendship in Jamaica

Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder

Michael Scher
JD/MA 1993
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Language and Dispute Resolution: A Look at the Subject and its Discipline
General Counsel, Nexum, Inc and PhD student in Anthropology, University of Chicago

Kevin Sobel-Read                              

Ph.D. 2012

DISSERTATION TITLE: Sovereignty, Law and Capital in the Age of Globalization.

Senior Lecturing Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor, Cultural Anthropology, Duke University

Ajantha Subramanian
Ph.D. 2000
DISSERTATION TITLE: State, Community, and the Politics of Development in Southern India
Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Social Studies, Harvard University

Clare Talwalker
Ph.D. 2000
DISSERTATION TITLE: "Like Chutney for Rice": Untouchability and Modernity in Postcolonial India
Visiting Assistant Professor, International and Area Studies Program, University of California, Berkeley

Aaron Thornburg

Ph.D. 2011

DISSERTATION TITLE:  Imagining Irelands: Migration, Media, and Locality in Modern Day Dublin

Visiting Instructor, Cultural Anthropology, Duke University

RocioTrinidad                                    M.A. 2008

Yektan Turkyilmaz

Ph.D. 2011

DISSERTATION TITLE: Imagining "Turkey," Creating a Nation: The Politics of Geography and State Formation in Eastern Anatolia, 1908-1938.

Nilgun Uygun
Ph.D. 2005
DISSERTATION TITLE: Being a "Natasha": Transnationalism, Sex Work, and the Political Economy of Desire in the Black Sea Region
CHAIR: Orin Starn
Visiting Assistant Professor in Writing, Havaford College

Netta van Vliet

Ph.D. 2012

DISSERTATION TITLE: A Politics of the Unspeakable: The Differend of Israel

Visiting Instructor, Cultural Anthropology, Duke Univeristy

Yu Wang
Ph.D. 2008
DEGREES: Tourism Management at Nankai University. Masters at Chinese University of Hong Kong.
DISSERTATION TITLE: Naturalizing Ethnicity, Culturalizing Landscape: The Politics of World Heritage in Contemporary China
CHAIR: Ralph Litzinger
Loeb & Loeb LLP

Margot Weiss
Ph.D. 2005
DISSERTATION TITLE: Techniques of Pleaseure, Scenes of Play: SM in the San Francisco Bay Area
CHAIR: Allison
Assistant Professor of American Studies and Anthropology, Wesleyan University>

Kim Wright Dixit
Ph.D. 2001
DISSERTATION TITLE: Consuming Identities: Global Advertising, Marketing and Cultural Identity in India
Visiting Lecturer, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

Caroline Yezer
Ph.D. 2006
DISSERTATION TITLE: Anxious Citizenship: Insecurity, Apocalypse and War Memories in Peru's Andes
CHAIR: Starn
Assistant Professor, Dept of Sociology/Anthropology, College of the Holy Cross

Alexei Yurchak
Ph.D. 1997
DISSERTATION TITLE: The Cynical Reason of Late Socialism: Language, Ideology, and Identity of the Last Soviet Generation
Associate Professor, Anthropology Department, University of California, Berkeley

Yongming Zhou
Ph.D. 1997
DISSERTATION TITLE: Nationalism, History and State Building: Anti-Drug Crusades in Modern China, 1924-1997
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    • campoamor peru
    • Graduate, Leigh Campoamor working with street kids in Peru.

    • Kristina with the Band
    •  Kristina Jacobsen works with Navajo country music bands

    • Neta yoga
    • Neta Bar writes about global yoga and the culture of stress

    • June Hee Kwon_screen shot 2012 01 06
    • June Hee Kwon studies migrant laborers among Korean Chinese.

    • screen shot _ Goldstone video_1
    • Brian Goldstone writes about Pentecostal Charismatic churches in Northern Ghana.  

    • CarolinewithLlama
    •  Cultural Anthropology graduate Caroline Yezer 

  • redbrick