Service Requirement

We require all doctoral program students, irrespective of funding source, to provide research or teaching service to the department in years 1, 2, 3, and 5. Normally, this would include research assistance to faculty in year 1 and teaching assistance in years 2, 3 and 5.  However, all assignments will be determined by departmental needs and student needs and qualifications. (See the department's Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant Policy). Note: Students in their fourth year will be engaged in dissertation field research.

Research Assistants

Research assistants will work a maximum of 10 hours in any given week. It is incumbent upon the RA to keep a log of hours worked. Possible tasks to which RAs may be assigned include the following: research projects (including web-based research), library tasks and research materials, proof-readings and indexing manuscripts, preparing classroom materials, course planning and assisting with syllabi preparation.

Teaching Assistants

You may receive course credit for 1 of your TA assignments in the second or third year. In order to receive credit:

  1. You and the professor teaching the course must focus on the development of your teaching skills. This would normally occur in a course that has a heavy teaching load (i.e., where TAs conduct discussion sections).  
  2. You must speak with the professor about the work necessary to complete (typically a syllabus, annotated bibliography, or research paper). This arrangement should be worked out with the professor and student, in consultation with the DGS.

No service will be required in the 4th year while a student is out of residence conducting dissertation research. However, a student will not be eligible for a service-free stipend until the Preliminary exam is successfully completed.