• Procurando Nosso Espaco (Seeking Our Space)

  • "Procurando Nosso Espaco (Seeking Our Space)"
    Choreography: Alison Kibbe in collaboration with the dancers
    Music: Vem Menina (samba song from Rio de Contas, Brazil); Adao Adao, Cade Salome (capoeira song); Washerwoman Blues by Bessie Smith; Quick Reaction and Satisfaction by Etta James; interviews conducted summer 2011 in Bahai, Brazil with female capoeiristas and sambadeiras
    Accompaniment: Katya Wesolowski
    Costumes: Alison Kibbe
    Dancers: Destani Bizune, Chanelle Croxton, Michaela Dwyer, Alison Kibbe, Michael Oliver

  • Original Dimensions: 480x360
  • Credit: dukedanceprogram
  • Tags: cultural anthropology, duke
  • redbrick