Jake Silver



My research concerns the intimate dynamics of mediation, particularly the places and things that piece together our worlds and drive us to feel that we can make larger speculations about others and about human nature. I explore these conceptual interests within the the landscapes (and histories) of settler colonialism in Israel/Palestine, considering how these terrains condition particular Israeli and Palestinian world views. Ethnographically, my work focuses on everyday spaces and things where both commonplace social interactions as well as colonial assumptions and logics unravel; therein, I ask how these intimate colonial spaces inflect larger conceptualizations of diversity, human interaction, sexuality, and nature, as well as the ethnic fault lines therein. As such, my research has looked at: new media as a viral site for publics to (re)construct the political personalities of deceased Israelis and Palestinians; the intermingling of surveillance and normalcy on the Jerusalem light rail; and Israeli and Palestinian astronomy programs as a lens to situate modes of imagination and dimensionality on Earth.