The Judith McDade Prize in Cultural Anthropology is awarded annually to the graduating senior major judged to have the most distinguished record in the major. The prize was established in 1982 in memory of Judith McDade, who graduated from the Trinity College in 1981 with distinction in anthropology but fell to her death in a mountain climbing accident just weeks after graduation.

The Paul Farmer Award for Justice and Social Responsibility is awarded annually to the graduating senior major judged to have demonstrated the strongest commitment to academic excellence and social justice.  The Award is named in honor of anthropologist, doctor, and humanitarian Paul Farmer, a 1982 Duke graduate who majored in anthropology.

On the Mountain– for Judith McDade

by Deborah Pope

You would have been climbing all morning,
moving patiently, carefully,
over the sunlit rocks,
bending to the pitch of the slope,
breathing the pine,
feeling the cooling air.
Somewhere in those hours
you would have passed the timberline,
moving into the time
of the mountains, climbing closer
to the beginning, becoming
older with every reach.
If you had looked back
at the green camp
lying between two fingers of snow,
the small world you were leaving
must have seemed no more
than the moss at your feet,
the clouds at your hand,
when you turned
and stepped into the sky.

Even in death you are more vivid
than any of us, more vivid than this day,
a high, deep cloudless blue,
the full light of late October,
the autumn-turning trees.
All over the ground, numberless,
lie fallen ginkgo leaves,
bright as stones underwater,
lovely, yellow ginkgo leaves,
pooling the shade,
the colour of your wind-scattered hair.
Nothing I know answers for this.


    • Paul Farmer
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Anthropologist, doctor, and humanitarian Paul Farmer

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