Requirements for the Major

Completing the major requires the fulfillment of the following requirements:
Ten courses as indicated below.
* CA 101. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. This introductory course to cultural anthropology is taught by several faculty members of the department and is offered at least once a year.
* CA 301. Theories in Cultural Anthropology. This is a survey of the main intellectual currents in cultural anthropology, designed especially for majors. It is usually taken in the sophomore or junior year and serves as a strong foundation for the rest of the work in the major.
* CA 302 Fieldwork Methods: Cultural Analysis and Interpretation. This course combines theories of anthropological fieldwork methods with practice, including participation, observation, and interviews. Students will undertake original research in a local fieldsite of their choice and produce their own mini-ethnography.
* At least five Cultural Anthropology courses at the 100-level and above.
* At least one additional Cultural Anthropology courses at the 400-level and above.
* One additional course in Cultural Anthropology at any level.
* No more than three courses may be transferred from other institutions or study abroad.

Minor in Cultural Anthropology

A minor in Cultural Anthropology is also available. Requirements for completing a minor are the following:
A total of five courses distributed in the following manner:
* CA 101. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.
* Three Cultural Anthropology courses at the 100-level and above.
* One additional Cultural Anthropology course at any level including courses taken in the freshman FOCUS program.

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