Recent Alumni


Name, Year of Graduation

Current Occupation, E-mail

Gurlal Baidwin, 2008

Hopes to attend medical school

Danna Conboy, 2008

Clinical research assistant

medical school 2009

Carson Denny, 2008

Currently teaching English in South Korea and plans to attend graduate school fall 09.

David Fiocco, 2008

Fulbright Fellowship in N. Uganda,

Katherine Howe, 2008

Teach for America corps member in New Orleans teaching 4th - 8th
grade Spanish and 7th grade Social Studies

Kyle Knight , 2008

Broadway Abroad, NYC debut tours of Amercian theater in India; programming assistant at NYU Law School , and research associate for the Catalogue Raisonne for an abstract expressionist named Stephen Pace.

Aiyana Newton, 2008

Teach for America 08-10

Marissa Seuc, 2008

Teach for America 08-10

Brianna Atkins, 2007


Eric Oberstein, 2007

Master's in Arts Administration, 2009, Teachers College, Columbia University
Currently serve as the Assistant
Director of the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance. Also worked at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the Research Center for Arts and Culture, and served as the Duke in New York program assistant. Fall 09 begins a one-year Ed.M. program in Arts in Education at Harvard University.

Iris Afonso, 2007

Currently working for the non-profit organization called Amigos for
Christ in Chinandega, Nicaragua

Megan Allison, 2007

Senior Consultant with a private firm in Social Network Analysis and Quantitative Social Sciences

Holly Lance, 2007

Law school, UMich

Chris Moore, 2007

In charge of business development for world's largest comparison shopping engines.

Anita Pierre-Antoine, 2007

Duke-NUS Singapore Researcher
Lilly Fellow
Medical Student at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine -Schweitzer Fellow -Center for Advancing Equity in Clinical Preventative Services Fellow -Primary Care Leadership Program Scholar

Laura Pyatt , 2007

Middle school teacher

Stephanie Reedy, 2007

Account manager for an advertising firm in NY.

Michelle Stansbury, 2007


Melanie Bloom, 2006

Investment banking; Berkshire Capital Securities, LLC.

Carmen Bognanno, 2006

Music business marketing.

Aleksandra Chmielewski, 2006

English Language Support Officer in the
Guangzhou, China, office for

Impactt Limited, a British Corporate Social
Responsibility Consulting Firm .

Mickey Goetz, 2006

Day-trading; Pulsar Capital Management.

Nick Shungu, 2006

Ten month Harts Fellows program in Ethiopia.

Jonathan Tarr, 2005

Administrative Assistant, Vice Provost Interdisciplinary Studies, Duke University

Lyndsey Beutin, 2004

Intern Coordinator, Student Action with Farmworkers.

Jaclyn Marsanico, 2004

Admissions Counselor at Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Pursuing
Masters in Human Resource Management at the Rutgers University School of
Management and Labor Relations

Dana Alpert, 2003

Advertising creative assistant.

Tshawnda Burke, 2002

Currently in medical school.

Marie Odette Cruz, 2002

Fire Department Management Aide

Lucy DePree, 2002

Law student

Kelly Fayard, 2002

Currently PhD candidate in Anthropology
at the U Michigan

Krista J. Gingrich, 2002

Masters in Health Sciences and Physician Assistant Certification from Duke in 2005.
Currently working as a physician assistant at a Brain Tumor Center and teach a class for the PA program.

Jonelle Grant, 2002

Dental School

Kristin Hoeft, 2002

MA of Public Health, UNC Chapel Hill, 2006

Ethnographer at University of California, San Francisco beginning August 2006.

Alex Robert Hutchison, 2002

Class of 2013 at NC State's College of
Veterinary Medicine

Kari Beth Livingston, 2002

Law School

Anna Luty, 2002

MPhil 2007; University of Cape Town in South Africa in African Studies. Currently working in the U.S. in community mental health.

Amanda Miller, 2002

Personal Training Certification; Sports Nutrition Certification; California Esthetician License

Health Coach for WellCall, 2006

Kyauna Miller, 2002

Plans to attend medical school in fall 2003,

Bianca Williams Robinson, 2002

Graduate Student in Cultural Anthropology,

Jane Woodman, 2002

Music Education,

Mika Albright, 2001

Received MSW (Masters in Social Work) from U Washington-Seattle in June 2007. Currently working part-time at the Northwest Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse
( and as an on call in take counselor at a psychiatric hospital.

Ali Arain, 2001

Litigation associate at a NYC law firm. 

Dhruv Dhawan, 2001

Documentary and corporate film director.

Kathleen Kirchner, 2001

Law School,

Jessica Levi, 2001

MD degree from Northwestern University,

Resident physician in Ear, Nose and Throat

Jaime Marsanico, 2001

Public Relations department of Glamour
magazine in NYC.

Corinne Martin, 2001

Received a MA from the University of Georgia in 2006 (in Ecological and Environmental Anthropology). Currently an attorney in Nashville.

Larisa Martin, 2001

Children's librarian with the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

Amanda Miller, 2001

Founded "Spot Fitness" personal training and nutrition consulting company.

Charles F. Porter, 2001

Professional actor.

Ronit Ridberg, 2001

Documentary producer (Media Education Foundation); Farmhand (US and
Ecuador); Graduate student (Tufts' Friedman School for Nutrition Science
and Policy -- Agriculture, Food & Environment MS degree expected 2011)

Laura Rooklin, 2006

Global Food, Project Manager for Google

Stephanie Schumann, 2001

Legal Assistant for Immigrant Women's Program

Kathryn Starn, 2001

MA in Teaching, Tufts Univeristy

Middle School English and social studies teacher

Kirsten Best, 2000

Advertising, Human Resourses,

Min Soo Chung, 2000

Equity Research. Received MA in International Studies

Lara Hirsch Damashek, 2000

Lawyer with a private firm that
specializes in special education law.

Kathryn Griffin, 2000

Banking Administrator,

Suneeta Kaimal, 2000

Deputy Director at a non-profit policy institute and grantmaking organization that promotes the responsible management of oil, gas and mineral resources for the public good.

Kathleen Kirchner, 2000

Tulane Law School, JD 2004


Lesley Lovell, 2000

Retail Management,

Brooke Nixon, 2000

Currently enrolled in a Masters Degree program for Educational Administration

Johanna R. Bell, 1999

Fellow, kaiser Permanente

Lydia Boyd, 1999

Anthro Grad Student,

Bronwyn Breitner, 1999

Received a Masters in Architecture from Parsons School of Design and is a
practicing architect.

Chris Eckert, 1999

Professional photographer, Chris Eckert Photography (

Olivia Ellis, Dec. 1999

Fulbright Scholarship in Brazil,

Meredith Forster, 1999

Master's Program in Art in Education,

Caroline Jackson, 1999

Magazine designer and art director in New York City

Laura Rooklin, 1999

Senior Project Manager

Andrea Smith, 1999

Currently enrolled in MA of Public Administration

Received MA in Education
Managing Director of Program, Teach for America

Bernadette Sosinski, 1999

Senior Manager, Performance and Organizational Effectiveness

Jessica Turner, 1999

Organizer, Community Building Organization,

Ann Aspnes, 1998

Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Duke August 2008. Currently completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Durham Veterans
Affairs Medical Center with focus on PTSD and aging.

Claude Graves, 1998

Developer, Internet Co.,

Ingrid Tsong, 1998


Michelle Belden, 1997

Studying web development and pursuing a masters in library science

Laura Winn Johnson, 1997

Qualitative Research Consultant.

Reference "Duke Anthro" in email subject line.

Daryl Laine Katz, 1997

Account Executive for online service company,

Ryan McKim, 1997

Research Psychologist

Susan Neely Barnes, 1996

Master's of Social Work program,

Dana Bonas, 1996

Master's program in public health,

Mitzi Carter, 1996

Anthro Grad Student,

Alana Kupperstein Kulesa, 1996

Youth Programs Manager at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum,

Amy Martin, 1996

MA in Education, UNC Chapel Hill, 2005

Academic Coordinator for after-school and summer programs designed to help at-risk youth.

Amy Stone, 1996

Community Developer for educational tech company,

Elizabeth Whitehead, 1996

Marketing/PR Manager,

Sarah Dodds, 1995

Corporate Lawyer,

Jill Feldman, 1995


Hunter Gatewood, 1995

Clinical Case Mgr/Therapist,

Aaron Miller, 1995

Sales and Marketing

Adelie Oakley, 1995

International Staffing Coordinator, Heavenly Mountain Resort

Adam Russell, 1995

Anthro Grad Student,

Ramona Pedersen

Special Markets Manager,

Last updated: May 2009

    • eric oberstein

Eric Oberstein, 2007 Cultural Anthropology major, is a music producer based in New York

    • Nia Malika-Henderson
    • Cultural Anthropology graduate Nia Malika-Henderson is a White House reporter for theWashington Post

    • Kathy Choi

Kathy Choi, a 2009 graduate, is teaching 2nd grade this year in Teach for America.

  • redbrick