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Cultural Anthropology Takes You Places
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Undergraduate Programs

Our programs give students powerful tools for making sense of society and culture, and an appreciation of both different cultures and of hierarchies and inequality in the 21st century world.

We offer:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology
  • Interdepartmental Major
  • Minor in Cultural Anthropology

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Featured Courses


Long-standing ties to other—whether of kinship, marriage, or community—have long been considered to be fundamental to the human condition. But in an age of dissipated and shifting social worlds, the… read more about Love and Loneliness: What's Happening to Relationships in the Twenty-First Century? »


Readings and case studies in sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and other attempts to address natural resource limitations, economic inequality, and social justice. Focuses on the… read more about Introduction to Sustainable Development »


The role of sports in different cultures in the contemporary world. Dynamics of race, gender, sexuality, fantasy and desire, mythmaking and the culture of celebrity, commercial and mass media.… read more about Anthropology of Sports »

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Graduate Programs

Our Ph.D. program prepares you to meld grounded field research with theoretical sophistication in doing anthropology sensitive to the challenges and complexities of making sense of human experience. You will receive a strong training in theory as well as in contemporary research methods and proposal writing.

We also offer an M.A. "on the way" option.

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