Cherokee 101.01 Cherokee Language 1 
MTuTh 4:40-5:30     Staff                                                           Online

This course is an introduction to the Cherokee language and the Cherokee cultural context of this language. This course is offered in a online format and includes a field trip to Cherokee, NC for language practice.  Cherokee Language 2 will be offered in spring 2025.  CZ, FL

CA 171.01      Anthropologists in Workplaces
TuTh 10:05-11:20    Professor Anne-Maria Makhulu         065 LINK

This course sets out to introduce students to some of the applications of anthropological theory and ethnographic method in contemporary institutional settings with the aim of familiarizing students with how anthropologists go about their work in complex organizational settings. Focusing on ethnographic method, as a powerful research tool, the course looks to both a series of use cases and an extensive literature of organizational management, user, and consumer experience. Students will have the opportunity to engage with anthropologists working in complex organizational contexts as well as business. Prior courses in Cultural Anthropology recommended but not required. CCI, SS

CA 204S.01    Union Activism
MW 11:45-1:00        Professor Orin Starn                               106 Classroom

This course examines the past and present of U.S. union activism.  This labor movement has been in prolonged decline in this country, but shown signs of revitalization as the gap between the earnings and opportunities for working people and the wealthy has grown larger than ever before.   Readings and guest speakers will give students of rich view of labor organizing, with some written assignments.   All students will gain hands-on experience by doing volunteer work with local labor movements. CA, EI, SS

CA 233S.01    Performing Brazil
WF 1:25-2:40           Professor Katya Wesolowski                  124 Rubenstein Arts Center

Introduces the history and culture of Brazil through the lens of performance.  The course explores the way performance arts (dance, music, carnival, theatre, sports) are celebrated as expressions of the African, Indigenous and European roots of Brazilian culture, yet also subjected to race, gender, sexuality and class discrimination.  Readings, films, seminar discussions and studio workshops give students an understanding of the social forces that shape Brazil; and a critical appreciation for the ways in which performance can both re-inscribe stereotypes and social injustice, and be an avenue for transgressive expressions, political protest and liberatory practices. ALP, CCI

CA 313S.01    Race and Medicine
Tu 12:00-2:30           Professor Emily Rogers                             108A W Duke

This course looks critically at the role of race in modern medicine from historical and present-day perspectives. Race is central to any critical analysis of medicine--from the origins of gynecology and enslaved women, to tropical medicine and American empire, to contraceptive trials in Puerto Rico, to anti-Asian hate crimes in the advent of COVID-19. Through focused case studies, we will explore the racialized subject as intersecting with other categories of difference in medicine, such as sex, gender and sexuality. In parallel, we will ask how medicine has been used as a system of power and knowledge to create racial categories themselves. CCI, SS

CA 409S.01    Social Space and Time       
F 1:25-3:55                 Professor Engseng Ho                                106 Classroom

This course explores the many forms space and time take as produced, organized, experienced, lived, designed, conceptualized and contested by societies and cultures. Topics include how space is harnessed for social classifications; how houses forms are conceptually structured vs. practically inhabited; time as structure or history; how societies remember; how travel writing creates utopias, sacred landscapes, pilgrimage and tourist destinations; the industrialization of space and time; time as distance; the politics of place. CCI, STS, SS