Katerina Yiannibas, B.A. 2003

Lecturer-in-law/Associate Professor at Columbia Law School, NY, NY/Universidad de Deusto, San Sebastian, Spain

B.A., Cultural Anthropology (2003)

How has being a Cultural Anthropology graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"My cultural anthropology studies at Duke gave me a conceptual framework that prepared me for a international career that has spanned five continents. While I went on to study law after Duke, I have always brought an anthropological lens to my research and projects- looking to better understand human behavior and constructs so as to find appropriate and effective legal solutions to cross-border problems."

What advice would you give students in Cultural Anthropology?

"Follow your passions and interests- let those be your compass. Your choice of major reveals a curiosity about the world, don't be afraid to dream just as big. Go as far as your imagination can take you and stay curious."

Katerina Yiannibas, 2003