Orane Douglas, 2014

2014 Major: Cultural Anthropology; Minor in Global Health

Currently: Grant Thornton — Atlanta, Georgia

How has being a Cultural Anthropology graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"Selecting Cultural Anthropology as my major was one of the best decisions I made at Duke. I was able to study the intersection of many aspects of culture including language, sports, health, music, and thought. I have been able to connect with individuals from various backgrounds and disciplines as a direct result of information learned during my time at Duke as well as because of the way I have learned to engage with people. As someone who is interested in healthcare, business, and education, I learned how to connect seemingly different areas of interest. I was then able to better connect with people and communicate my variety of skill sets to individuals in any industry."

What advice would you give students in Cultural Anthropology?

"Be open and explore as many topics as possible during your time at Duke. The department has extremely talented faculty who have a breadth of experience in many fields. Whether it be classes on sound, sports, medicine, language, etc.., spend as much time learning how to think about these topics and how they all connect to people's identities. It will strongly impact the way you interact with others and how you're able to communicate about yourself to friends, family, future employers, and even strangers."

Orane Douglas, 2014