Cultural (Con)Fusions of Asians and Africans


This course examines how people lay claims to belonging as citizens of nation-states. Focusing primarily on African and Indian descended populations in the Caribbean and the Pacific, we investigate how these populations invoke colonial constructions to reinvent themselves and work to negotiate their racialized identities in these shared communities. We will consider the construction of histories and explore the general cultural politics that sustain and bolster claims of authenticity and belonging and unbelonging within these national spaces. What sorts of sociocultural and political strategies are deployed by such people to exclude others even as they connect across these troubling divides? Instructor: Crichlow
Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • CZ
  • SS
Cross-Listed As
  • AAAS 594S
  • LATAMER 594S
  • SOCIOL 594S
Typically Offered
Fall and/or Spring