Postcolonialism and Its Cultures


An introduction to colonial and postcolonial cultures, forms of knowledge, and theoretical traditions. Explore the foundational scholarship on colonialism within the Indian, European, and U.S. academies; investigate the central debates and arguments in the field of postcolonial theory; and consider postcolonial theory's relationship to the theoretical traditions of poststructuralism and psychoanalysis. Examine historical and the tropological relationship between colonialism and globalization. Develop a set of critical theoretical tools with which to approach the study of colonial and postcolonial cultures, institutions, discourses, and communities. This course pays particular attention to questions of subjectivity and subject formation, notions of resistance and struggle, and the ways in which colonial power has articulated with race, gender, and sexuality at particular historical moments. Readings in the works of Asad, Fanon, Derrida, Said, Spivak, Stoller and others. Instructor: Stein
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