All Courses

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Cross-listing Numbers
CULANTH 80S Studies in Special Topics
CULANTH 89S First-Year Seminar
CULANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology CCI, CZ, SS ICS101
CULANTH 101D Introduction to Cultural Anthropology CCI, CZ, SS ICS101D
CULANTH 104D Introduction to Human Rights: Gateway for the Human Rights Certificate ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
CULANTH 105 Introduction to African Studies (DS3 or DS4) ALP, CCI, CZ AAAS103, HISTORY129, POLSCI108, ICS110
CULANTH 106S The Documentary Experience: A Video Approach ALP, R, SS DOCST105S, AMI331S, HISTORY125S, POLSCI105S, PUBPOL170S, VMS106S, PJM
CULANTH 107 Introduction to Sustainable Development CCI, EI, SS
CULANTH 113FS Enterprising Leadership and Civic Engagement EI, SS
CULANTH 130 Anthropology and Film SS ICS104, VMS130, DOCST, AMI
CULANTH 130D Anthropology and Film SS AMI
CULANTH 131 World Music: Aesthetic and Anthropological Approaches ALP, CCI, CZ MUSIC130, ICS, DOCST
CULANTH 133S African Mbira Music: An Experiential Learning Class ALP, CCI, CZ MUSIC133S , AAAS109S
CULANTH 137 Music, Social Life, and Scenes ALP, CCI, CZ, R, W MUSIC137 , DOCST
CULANTH 148 Israel/Palestine: Comparative Perspectives CCI, EI, SS AMES145, ENVIRON147, JEWISHST148, ETHICS, Islamic Studies
CULANTH 150 Anthropology of Food CCI, SS, STS
CULANTH 170 Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4) CCI, SS SOCIOL160, LINGUIST170, VMS170, ICS169, CANADIAN, AMI, MMS, PJM, WOMENST
CULANTH 170D Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4) CCI, SS SOCIOL160D , LINGUIST170D, VMS170D, MMS
CULANTH 190A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Introductory Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology
CULANTH 190FS Special Topics in Focus
CULANTH 190S Topics in Cultural Anthropology
CULANTH 190SA Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology
CULANTH 195 Comparative Approaches to Global Issues CCI, CZ, SS, W ICS195, HISTORY103, POLSCI110, SOCIOL195 WOMENST195 Marxism and Society , WOMENST195, Marxism and Society
CULANTH (211FS) Geopolitics and Culture from ISIS to Afghanistan ALP, CCI, CZ
CULANTH (261D) Race, Genomics, and Society EI, NS, SS, STS
CULANTH (295S) Anthropology of Childhood CCI, W, SS
CULANTH 201 Introduction to Linguistics CCI, SS LINGUIST201, ICS
CULANTH 202 Languages of the World CCI, SS LINGUIST202 , RUSSIAN362, ICS210
CULANTH 203 Marxism and Society CZ, EI, SS LIT380, EDUC239, SOCIOL339, POLSCI371
CULANTH 204 Self and Society (S) CCI, SS PSYCH224, ICS234, WOMENST
CULANTH 205 The Law and Language CCI, CZ, EI, SS LINGUIST205
CULANTH 206 Anthropology of Law CCI, EI, SS ICS238
CULANTH 207 Anthropology of Sports CCI, CZ, SS
CULANTH 208 The Anthropology of Race CCI, EI, SS AAAS251, ICS239
CULANTH 208FS The Anthropology of Race CCI, EI, SS
CULANTH 209 Sport As Performance ALP, CCI, EI, SS THEATRST201 , SOCIOL201, ICS247
CULANTH 210 Global Culture CCI, SS VMS247 , MMS
CULANTH 211FS Geopolitics & Globalization: From Bosnia to Afghanistan ALP, CCI, CZ SES209FS , AMES285FS
CULANTH 212 Language and Society CCI, SS ENGLISH395, LINGUIST451, SES385 , ICS395
CULANTH 214S Shamanism and Spirit Possession CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS RELIGION213S , HISTORY215S, ICS256S
CULANTH 215S Indian Civilization CCI, CZ, EI, SS, W HISTORY219S , AMES257S
CULANTH 216 Global Migration and Ethics EI, SS ETHICS262
CULANTH 216S Global Migration and Ethics EI, SS ETHICS262S , ICS244S
CULANTH 217S Political Economies of the Global Image ALP, CCI, SS, STS LIT335S, AMI247S, WOMENST249S , VMS248S
CULANTH 218S Anthropology and Global Health EI, SS, STS GLHLTH220S
CULANTH 219S Introduction to Performance Studies ALP, CCI, W
CULANTH 221SL Capoeira: Practice and Culture ALP, CCI, SS, W DANCE235SL, AAAS221SL, ROMST235SL
CULANTH 222S Sound in Social Life ALP, CCI, STS MUSIC239S , ICS246S
CULANTH 224S Muslim Women Across the Ages CCI, CZ, SS, W RELIGION219S, WOMENST209S, ICS365S, HISTORY225S , AMES224S
CULANTH 226 Espionage, Cryptology & Psychological Operations SS, STS ISS235, VMS245 , ICS235
CULANTH 227 Anthropology and Psychology (C, P) CCI, SS PSY227
CULANTH 230D The History of Emotions CCI, CZ, R, W HISTORY264D
CULANTH 231 The History of Romantic Love ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, W
CULANTH 231D The History of Romantic Love ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, W HISTORY263D , ICS262D
CULANTH 232 Gender and Language CCI, R, SS RUSSIAN364, ICS207, WOMENST232 , LINGUIST364
CULANTH 234S Anthropology and Education CCI, EI, SS EDUC234S
CULANTH 235S Human Rights Activism CCI, EI, R, SS POLSCI380S , PUBPOL230S
CULANTH 236S Farmworkers in North Carolina: Roots of Poverty, Roots of Change CCI, EI, SS DOCST332S, VMS341S, LSGS332S, LSGS
CULANTH 237 Psychological Anthropology (C, D, S) CCI, SS PSY260
CULANTH 238S Politics of Food: Land, Labor, Health, and Economics ALP, CCI, EI, R DOCST341S , PUBPOL380S, ICS342S
CULANTH 239S Who Cares and Why: Social Activism and its Motivations CCI, R, SS, W DOCST335S
CULANTH 241 Migrant China CCI, CZ, SS AMES231, ICS, Marxism and Society
CULANTH 242 Culture and Politics in Africa CCI, CZ, SS AAAS340, VMS229, ICS , Marxism and Society
CULANTH 243 Culture and Politics in Latin America CCI, CZ, EI, SS ICS325, DOCST, Marxism and Society
CULANTH 245S Human Rights in the Americas CCI, CZ, W
CULANTH 246S Civil/Human Rights Activism: In the Spirit of Pauli Murray ALP, CCI, CZ, R DOCST347S , AAAS236S
CULANTH 247 Indigenous Medicine and Global Health CCI, SS GLHLTH301 , ICS398
CULANTH 248 The Arts and Human Rights ALP, EI, SS ETHICS261, MUSIC238, PUBPOL252 , ICS248
CULANTH 250 Muslim World: Transformations and Continuities CCI, SS
CULANTH 251S School Dropout and Educational Policy CCI, R, SS, W
CULANTH 254 Cultures and Politics of the América Borderlands CCI, EI, SS, STS LSGS254, LSGS
CULANTH 255 World of Korean Cinema ALP, CCI, CZ, EI AMES471, LIT212, AMI256, VMS234
CULANTH 256 Islamic Civilization I CCI, CZ, EI RELIGION375, HISTORY210, MEDREN268, AMES327, ETHICS , ISS, Islamic Studies
CULANTH 257 Islamic Civilization II CCI, CZ, EI RELIGION376, HISTORY211, MEDREN269, ICS, ETHICS , Islamic Studies
CULANTH 258S Our Culinary Cultures ALP, CCI, W DOCST344S , ICS344S
CULANTH 259 Music in South Asia ALP, CCI, CZ AMES254 , MUSIC235, RELIGION246
CULANTH 259S Around the Bloc: Cold War Culture in the USSR and Eastern Europe CCI, CZ, EI, SS SES240S , LIT241S, AMI240S
CULANTH 261 Race, Genomics, and Society EI, NS, SS, STS AAAS261, Genome Sciences and Policy 258, GLHLTH258, Arts & Sciences IDEAS Themes and University Course 261
CULANTH 262S Documenting Black Experiences ALP, CCI DOCST350S, AAAS225S, AMI214S, PUBPOL387S , ICS368S
CULANTH 263 Black Europe: Race, Ethnicity and Diaspora in Contemporary Europe CCI, CZ, EI, SS AAAS263
CULANTH 265 Culture and Politics in Contemporary Europe: Citizenship, Migration, and National Belonging CCI, CZ, EI, SS
CULANTH 269 Black Gods and Kings: Priests and Practices of the Afro-Atlantic Religions CCI, CZ, EI, SS RELIGION270 , AAAS269
CULANTH 271 Gender and Culture CCI, SS ICS203, WOMENST217, SXL, WOMENST
CULANTH 272S Advertising and Masculinity CCI, SS ICS273S, MMS, PJMS, WOMENST
CULANTH 273 The Middle East Through Film ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
CULANTH 275 Culture and Politics in Native America CCI, CZ, EI ICS243
CULANTH 278 Sex/Gender – Nature/Nurture: Intersections of Biology and Society NS, STS WOMENST278, NEURO278, PSY226, SXL278
CULANTH 284 Ritual, Performance, and Religion ALP, CCI, CZ RELIGION284, DANCE284, VMS285 , ICS266
CULANTH 290 Current Issues in Anthropology
CULANTH 290A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology
CULANTH 290S Current Issues in Anthropology
CULANTH 291 Independent Study
CULANTH 293 Research Independent Study R
CULANTH (304SA) Women and Gender in the Middle East CCI, CZ, EI
CULANTH (305S) White Supremacy: In Anthropological Perspective CCI, CZ, R, SS
CULANTH (332S) Race in Durham CCI, R, SS
CULANTH (345S) Energy Futures and Environmental Justice CCI, SS, STS
CULANTH (346S) The Connection between Human Rights, Memory and How Societies Create Memorials ALP, EI
CULANTH (383) Cities and City Life in Italy ALP, CCI, CZ
CULANTH (383A) Cities and City Life in Italy ALP, CCI, CZ
CULANTH 301 Theoretical Foundations of Cultural Anthropology CCI, SS ICS, Marxism and Society
CULANTH 302 Fieldwork Methods: Cultural Analysis and Interpretation EI, R, SS, W GLHLTH
CULANTH 303S Theory Today: Introduction to the Study of Literature ALP LIT301S, AMI307S, AMES301S , WOMENST301S
CULANTH 304SA Culture and Politics in Turkey and the Middle East CCI, CZ, EI
CULANTH 307 Development and Africa CCI, CZ, SS AAAS307, PUBPOL207, ICS308, Marxism and Society
CULANTH 308T BorderWork(s): At Home/On the Wall: between Belfast and Durham CCI, CZ, R, W ICS395T
CULANTH 309S Food and the Body CCI, SS, STS
CULANTH 310S Conflict Analysis in Africa (case studies) CCI, CZ, SS AAAS310S , PUBPOL218S
CULANTH 312 War and Public Health in Africa CCI, CZ, EI, SS AAAS312 , PUBPOL333
CULANTH 315 Africa, Youth and Democracy CCI, R, SS AAAS315
CULANTH 316S Breakdancers, Vocaloids and Gamers: East Asian Youth Culture CCI, CZ, SS AMES316S
CULANTH 322 The Modern Caribbean after Emancipation CCI, CZ HISTORY321, AAAS240, ROMST321 , ICS319
CULANTH 323 Fundamentals of Global Mental Health R, SS GLHLTH363 , PSY323
CULANTH 327S Pilgrimage ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, R DOCST327S
CULANTH 328S Doing Good: Anthropological Perspectives on Development CCI, EI, R, SS ICS366S , PUBPOL224S
CULANTH 334 Traffic in Women: Cultural Perspectives on Prostitution in Modern China ALP, CCI, SS AMES333 , WOMENST233, SXL233, AMI270
CULANTH 335 The History of Hip-Hop ALP, CCI AAAS335, MUSIC335, VMS337
CULANTH 336 Hollywood and Africa: Case Studies in Filmic Representation ALP, CCI AAAS337 , ICS337
CULANTH 340 Anthropology and Public Policy CZ, EI, SS PUBPOL226
CULANTH 341 Life and Death: Global Perspectives CCI, CZ, EI, SS
CULANTH 342 Displacements: Migration and Human Trafficking ALP, CCI, EI, R, SS AAAS343, SOCIOL343, LATAMER343
CULANTH 343A Themes in Chinese Culture and History CCI, CZ, SS HISTORY224A, POLSCI298A, ICS
CULANTH 344 Troubling Pasts: Slavery, Genocide, and Terror ALP, CCI, EI, SS AAAS344 , ICS343
CULANTH 364S Minor Japan ALP, CCI, CZ, EI AMES469S
CULANTH 365S The World of Japanese Pop Culture ALP, CCI, CZ AMES365S
CULANTH 366S Trauma and Space in Asia ALP, CCI, CZ AMES410S, AMI410S, ICS410S
CULANTH 367D Mayas, Aztecs and Incas: The World According to the Indigenous People of Latin America CZ, EI, R SPANISH412D, ICS460D, LSGS412D , HISTORY412D
CULANTH 367S Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas: The World According to the Indigenous People of Latin America CZ, EI, FL, R SPANISH412S , ICS460S, LSGS412S
CULANTH 368 Visualizing the Caribbean ALP, CCI, R, SS AAAS321, ICS318, LATAMER321
CULANTH 385S Race, Gender and Culture of the African Diaspora CCI, CZ, SS AAAS385S
CULANTH 388S Back in the U.S.S.R.: Everyday Soviet Culture, 1956-1989 ALP, CCI, CZ RUSSIAN388S
CULANTH 390SA Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology
CULANTH 393A-1 Research Independent Study on Contemporary China R
CULANTH 395AS Environment, Health, and Development in China CCI, EI, SS, STS GLHLTH383AS, POLSCI299SA, ETHICS
CULANTH 396AS Health Policy in Transition: Challenges for China CCI, CZ, EI, SS, STS GLHLTH
CULANTH 397S Language in Immigrant America ALP, CCI, R ENGLISH396S, LINGUIST396S, SES396S , ICS396S
CULANTH 399 Global Russia CCI, CZ, EI, SS RUSSIAN399 , PUBPOL223, ICS399
CULANTH 399A Global Russia CCI, CZ, EI, SS
CULANTH (440S) Games and Culture: Politics, Pleasure and Pedagogy CCI, SS
CULANTH (481) Living, Dying, Healing in Russia CCI, EI, SS
CULANTH 403S Politics and Obligations of Memory CCI, CZ, EI, SS HISTORY403S , ICS403S
CULANTH 415S Interethnic Intimacies: Production and Consumption ALP, CCI, CZ, EI AMES415S, LIT415S, AMI415S, VMS416S , ICS415S, WOMENST415S
CULANTH 416S Capstone Seminar: Imperialism and Islamism CZ, R, SS HISTORY453S, ICS453S, Islamic Studies
CULANTH 417S Middle East and Popular Culture CCI, CZ, SS AMES215S , Islamic Studies
CULANTH 419S Global Environmentalism and the Politics of Nature CCI, CZ, SS, STS Marine Science and Conservation, ISS
CULANTH 422 Myth, Ritual, Symbol CCI, CZ, SS, W
CULANTH 423 Sex and Money CCI, SS Islamic Studies , Marxism and Society
CULANTH 424 Medical Anthropology EI, SS, STS, W GLHLTH321, ICS424
CULANTH 424-1 Medical Anthropology CCI, EI, SS, STS GLHLTH321-1, ICS424-1
CULANTH 424K Medical Anthropology CCI, EI, SS, STS GLHLTH321K
CULANTH 425 Globalization and Anti-Globalization CCI, CZ, SS ICS404 , MMS
CULANTH 426S Anthropology of Space CCI, SS LIT235S, WOMENST280S, Islamic Studies
CULANTH 427S The Invention of Ethnography CCI, SS
CULANTH 429 Gender and Sexuality in Latin America CCI, CZ, SS WOMENST429, ICS426, LATAMER, Marxism and Society, SXL
CULANTH 431S Global Tibet CCI, CZ, EI, SS AMES485S , ICS431S
CULANTH 432S Gender, Sex and Citizenship CCI, EI, SS SXL432S , WOMENST432S, ICS428S
CULANTH 433 The New Middle East CCI, EI, SS AMES419 , TURKISH433
CULANTH 433S Childhood in Theory and Practice CCI, EI, SS ICS433S
CULANTH 434S Cultures of New Media ALP, SS, STS LIT412S , VMS412S, ICS432S , AMES425S
CULANTH 439 Queer China ALP, CCI, CZ, EI AMES439, LIT439, AMI439, VMS439 , WOMENST439
CULANTH 463S Nightmare Japan ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, R AMES463S
CULANTH 465S Global Cities CCI, EI, SS AAAS465S, ICS465S, ICS432S
CULANTH 475S Variation in the African Diaspora CCI, NS, SS, STS AAAS475S , Genome Sciences and Policy 475S
CULANTH 490S Special Topics
CULANTH 495S Latino/as in the Global South Capstone – Global/Local Contexts CCI, CZ, SS
CULANTH 498S Senior Seminar Distinction Program Sequence R
CULANTH 499S Senior Seminar Distinction Program Sequence W
CULANTH (562S) African Cities CCI, SS
CULANTH (563S) Nightmare Japan ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, R
CULANTH 501S Anthropology and History SS HISTORY572S, ROMST521S
CULANTH 502S Race, Class, and Gender in the University CCI, CZ, EI, SS
CULANTH 525S Culture, Power, History CCI, SS ICS525S
CULANTH 530S Millennial Capitalisms: Global Perspectives CCI, CZ, R, SS
CULANTH 533 Culture and Explosion: How Russian Culture Changed the World ALP, CCI, CZ, STS RUSSIAN533 , PUBPOL508
CULANTH 535S Race, Racism, and Democracy CCI, SS, W AAAS545S
CULANTH 539S Queer China ALP, CCI, CZ, EI AMES539S, WOMENST502S, LIT539S, AMI539S, VMS539S
CULANTH 540S Masculinities CCI, CZ, R, SS WOMENST581S
CULANTH 545S Transnationalism and Public Culture CCI, SS
CULANTH 555S Development, Modernity, and Social Movements CCI, SS
CULANTH 560S African Modernities CCI, SS AAAS645S
CULANTH 561S Africa in a Global Age CCI, EI, SS AAAS510S, HISTORY561S, POLSCI527S , ICS510S
CULANTH 563S Nightmare Japan ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, R AMES563S
CULANTH 565S The World of Japanese Pop Culture ALP, CCI, CZ, R
CULANTH 569 Understanding Sickle Cell Disease: A Biopsychosocial Approach
CULANTH 570S Ethnohistory of Latin America CCI, CZ, R, SS HISTORY540S , LIT573S
CULANTH 590 Selected Topics
CULANTH 590S Seminar in Selected Topics
CULANTH 594S Cultural (Con)Fusions of Asians and Africans CCI, CZ, SS AAAS594S, SOCIOL594S, LATAMER594S
CULANTH 605 East Asian Cultural Studies ALP, CCI, CZ, R AMES605, LIT571, ICS605, ICS510S
CULANTH 610S Africa, Cuba, Brazil: Great Powers of the Black Atlantic CCI, CZ, SS
CULANTH 611 Global Mental Health CCI, NS, R, SS, STS GLHLTH660 , PSY611
CULANTH 641S Citizen and Subject in a Neoliberal Age CCI, EI, SS AAAS641S , SOCIOL645S
CULANTH 660 Health in the African Diaspora CCI, EI, SS, STS AAAS660 , GLHLTH672
CULANTH (747S) Theorizing Environment
CULANTH 705S Popular Culture, Theories and Practices
CULANTH 706S Popular Culture: Theory and Ethnography
CULANTH 710S Foucault and Anthropology
CULANTH 715S Nationalism
CULANTH 716S Capitalism SOCIOL716S , POLSCI720S
CULANTH 720S Postcolonialism and Its Cultures
CULANTH 721S Violence: Anthropological Approaches
CULANTH 725S Anthropology and the Religious Imagination
CULANTH 726S Governmentality
CULANTH 727S Dissertation Writers' Workshop
CULANTH 728S Development: History, Theory, Politics
CULANTH 729S Space and Power
CULANTH 730S Studies in Ethnomusicology MUSIC790S-2
CULANTH 735S Anthropology and History HISTORY850S
CULANTH 740S Space, Place, and Power LIT735S
CULANTH 741S Globalization AAAS741S
CULANTH 742S Nature/Culture
CULANTH 743S Anthropology of Media and Mediation VMS743S , ARTHIST743S
CULANTH 744S Mobility
CULANTH 745S The Anthropology of the Facts of Life
CULANTH 746S Critical Genealogies – Infrastructure WOMENST740S
CULANTH 750S Citizenship
CULANTH 755S Africa in a Global Age
CULANTH 760 Indigenous Medicine and Global Health GLHLTH721
CULANTH 790S Special Topics in Linguistics CCI, SS
CULANTH 791 Special Readings
CULANTH 793 Individual Research in Cultural Anthropology
CULANTH 801S Theories in Cultural Anthropology
CULANTH 802S Theories in Cultural Anthropology
CULANTH 803S Research Methods/ Porfolio Seminar
CULANTH 804S Grant Writing
CULANTH 890 Advanced Selected Topics
CULANTH 890S Advanced Selected Topics