Cultural Anthropology or History Ph.D. Program Students

Students enrolled in the Ph.D. programs of either Cultural Anthropology or History wishing to earn a certificate in Anthropology and History must designate a mentor from among the affiliated faculty of the Certificate Program. With you mentor, you will draw up a coherent program of study leading to the certificate. Your program of study must include:

  • Core Graduate Seminar & Coursework
    • A 2 semester sequence that begins with HISTORY 572S / CULANTH 501S (Anthropology and History) and concludes with a research seminar where you prepare and present your own papers
    • At least 2 other courses in the non-degree department
  • Colloquium
    • Participation in an Anthropology and History colloquium
    • Presentation of work at the colloquium
  • Capstone research paper (may be a part of your Portfolio)
  • Dissertation prospectus
  • Progress Toward Completion
    • Progress will be monitored by the Director of Graduate Studies in each department. They will be assisted by one member of the affiliated faculty from each department - William Reddy and Irene Silverblatt - who will review your dossier at least once a year.