Interdepartmental Major

Interdepartmental Major Requirements: 7 courses

  • CULANTH 101 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • CULANTH 301 - Theoretical Foundations
  • CULANTH 302 - Fieldwork Methods
  • 1 Cultural Anthropology course at the 400 level and above.
  • 3 additional Cultural Anthropology courses at any level (this may include cross-listed courses, a course taken in the first-year FOCUS program and Duke Engage courses cross-listed with cultural anthropology).

    In the application for the IDM, the student will be asked to write a short essay outlining their IDM plan.  This document should be structured as a short, argumentative essay which provides the intellectual rationale for combining fields, identifying the key issues that the IDM examines,  the intellectual yield of working at this interdisciplinary intersection, and the rationale for choice of classes.  2-3 pages, double spaced.