New Courses for Fall 2022

CA 89S.01 Politics on Camera                     
MW 10:15-11:30                                           
Professor Rebecca Stein                                                                       

Seminar studies about politics and media work together and how changes in media forms -- both now and historically -- have altered political struggles and theaters. 

CA 89S.01 Now What? How Hospitals Work
TuTh 12:00-1:15                                          
Professor Harris Solomon                                                                                                                              

This course examines the everyday work of hospitals as a lens onto society, politics, and culture, from the standpoints of the medical humanities, medical anthropology, history, and literature.

CA 102.01 American Indian Nations Today
TuTh 12:00-1:15                                          
Professor Courtney Lewis                           

American Indian Nations Today addresses the complexities of contemporary Native Nation topics by providing context for understanding the distinct political, legal, economic, social, and cultural institutions of Native Nations today. 

CA 151S.01 Sports and Society
MW 12:00-1:15                                             
Professor Orin Starn                                    

This course will examine the giant role that sports play in the modern world. 

CA 404S.01 Ethics of Hope                          
MW 3:30-4:45                                               
Professor Anne Allison                                 

In this class we raise the issue of the ethics, politics, and tactics of hope, drawing on philosophy, feminism, and anthropology.

CA 700S.01 Surveillance and Technology
W 3:30-6:00.
Professor Orin Starn                                                

This class will explore the role of surveillance and technologies of monitoring and control in the world today.