CA Majors Ashley Bae and Corali Francisco-Zelkine among five awarded 2024-2025 Hart Fellowships

Award winner headshots.

Five seniors have been awarded the Hart Fellowship for 2024-2025, a prestigious postgraduate fellowship for recent Duke graduates, offered by the Hart Leadership Program in the Sanford School of Public Policy. After graduation, the new Hart Fellows will travel across the United States and the globe to engage in ten months of community-based research, forming deep connections in a community outside their own and partnering with a local host organization to conduct meaningful research on social, political, and humanitarian issues facing our world today.

The Hart Leadership Program exists to inspire and prepare students to practice the art of ethical leadership in public life. By providing students and recent graduates with opportunities to conduct meaningful research and action in partnership with community organizations, Hart Leadership develops skills of mindful reflection, purposeful collaboration, and applied learning. Andrew Nurkin, Hart Associate Professor of the Practice and Director of the Hart Leadership Program, notes that, “This is the thirtieth cohort of Hart Fellows, and all of us at the Hart Leadership Program are inspired by the passion, commitment to community, spirit of humble inquiry, and public purpose demonstrated by these five exceptional seniors. We look forward to seeing where their Hart Fellowships take them and supporting their growth and continued learning about leadership over the next year.”  Read more.