Cultural Anthropology Ph.D Ayşe Altinay Wins Few-Glasson Alumni Award

Image of Ayse Gul Altinay with shoulder length brown hair, glasses, and a red and black patterned scarf

The honor recognizes Graduate School alumni for career accomplishments, promising endeavors, and support of graduate education at Duke.


Ph.D.’01 Cultural Anthropology

Altınay is a professor of anthropology at Sabancı University and former director of SU Gender (Sabancı University Gender and Women’s Studies of Excellence) in Istanbul, where she has engaged in cutting-edge research and social-impact projects at the intersections of academia, activism, and well-being.

Altınay’s 2001 cultural anthropology Ph.D. thesis, supported by the Social Science Research Council-MacArthur Foundation International Peace and Security Fellowship, tackled the then-taboo topic of militarism in Turkey, resulting in a pioneering ethnography: The Myth of the Military-Nation. She has continued to research traumatizing experiences of the past and present, from genocide to gender-based violence. Through books, exhibits, conferences, community projects, and radio programs, she has been highlighting feminist and antimilitarist re-imaginings and facilitating fresh conversations on possibilities of collective reckoning.

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Gazete Sabanci University announcement of award:
Our Faculty Member Is Among The Outstanding Alumni of Duke University