Faces of Time: The Braceros of Ciudad Juarez

Friday, June 23, 2017
Charles D. Thompson, Jr.

"I had no intention of doing portraits. As Professor Poncho Herrera and I walked up to the group of octogenarians demonstrating quietly in Benito Juárez Park in the middle of the city I had only asked in Spanish if I might make some photographs. I meant the general scene—the signs they were holding demanding their retirement benefits, their banners that told the story of the Braceros, maybe a few groupings of those who had worked in the United States some years between 1942 and 1964.

Especially since I had arrived with someone they knew and trusted, the people standing around agreed to let me photograph, but to my surprise, instead of going about their regular routine and letting me melt into the background as I intended, over a hundred and fifty people began lining up in front of me, each one wanting his or her picture made individually." Read more.