Carter Teng with brother

Modern Love Together

Carter Teng with brother

Cultural Anthropology major Carter Teng was featured in Sunday’s Modern Love short blurbs about togetherness during coronavirus. Read the full article on The New York Times, including Carter's section below:

Carter Teng, 20
Raleigh, N.C.
Living with her parents and 10-year-old brother, River.

Before Covid-19, my brother and I had a bare-bones relationship. With a 10-year age difference, there’s not much we can talk about. But after seeing his addiction to video games since I’ve been home, I’ve entered into the uncharted waters of violently arguing with him about his life’s priorities and then tearfully making up.

In just two months, we’ve shared more tears and hugs than the past 10 years combined. It’s been a time of many firsts — the first time I had a deep conversation with him, the first time I told him a secret and the first time I told him I love him.

After this pandemic subsides, I want to remain actively involved in my brother’s life. I now feel responsible for his well-being, as much as I imagine a parent cares for their child. Maybe I won’t take a job on the west coast after graduation; maybe I’ll stay on the East Coast to be close.