Writing Culture and the Life of Anthropology

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Orin Starn is the editor of a new book from Duke University Press, Writing Culture and the Life of Anthropology, which features essays by Duke professors Anne Allison and Charles Piot.  The book grew out of a Duke Cultural Anthropology-sponsored conference several years ago; its others contributors are James Clifford, George Marcus, Kim Fortun, Michael Taussig, Danilyn Rutherford, Kathleen Stewart, Hugh Raffles, John Jackson Jr., Kamala Visweswaran, Michael Fischer, Richard Handler, and Hugh Raffles:  

Starn also wrote the introduction for another new Duke University Press book, When Rains Became Floods: A Child’s Story.   It’s the memoir of a young Andean villager.  Mario Vargas Llosa, the Nobel Prize Literature winner, calls the book “a miracle” for its “persuasive and lucid testimony” to war and survivalin wartime Peru