Matthew Sebastian


Matthew is a sixth year PhD student in the Cultural Anthropology department at Duke University. His current project investigates how young people navigate states of security and vulnerability in post-conflict northern Uganda. His work engages men and women working as private security guards (particularly those working on NGO compounds), current and formerly incarcerated youth, and individuals going to work across the border in South Sudan in order to explore how young people forge futures under intense constraint. He received his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and English and a Master of Arts in International Studies from DePaul University. He also holds a certificate in refugee resettlement from the Center for Forced Migration Studies at Northwestern University.


Key words: Humanitarianism, Youth, Futurity, Security, Africa - Uganda

Selected Grants

Doctoral Dissertation Research: Securing Youth: Humanitarian Futures in Post-Conflict Uganda awarded by National Science Foundation (PI-Fellow). 2018 to 2019