2020 Graduation Celebration

Congratulations 2020 Graduates!


Judith McDade Prize in Cultural Anthropology

Awarded to the graduating senior(s) majoring in cultural anthropology judged to have the most distinguished record in the major.

Isabel Panno Shepard
Paul Farmer Award for Justice and Social Responsibility

To recognize commitment to academic excellence and social justice in cultural anthropology.

Kayla Corredera-Wells


Graduation with Distinction in Cultural Anthropology

Kayla Corredera-Wells

Duty Bound: Rural Emergency Response in a Culture in Crisis

Isabel Panno Shepard

Dorm Sweet Dorm: Placemaking and Girlhood in the College Bedroom

Madeline Olivia Swotes

To Dope or Not To Dope: Examining Nonmedical Stimulant Use Among Duke University Undergraduates

Allonna Marie Walker

The History of Black Activism at Duke and the Movement of Language Surrounding Race and Struggle through Time

Erin Kay Williams

Framing Indigeneity: Media, Colonization, and Resistance in North America

Sangjie Zhaxi

Settled Nomads: Experiencing Nomad Settlement Policy in Karma Community, Qinghai, China


Treniyyah Anderson
Joshua Copeland
Kayla Corredera-Wells
Victoria Hope Eavis
Kayla Hayen Nguyen
Isabel Panno Shepard
Madeline Olivia Swotes
Allonna Marie Walker
Mackenzie Lauren Zepeda
Sangjie Zhaxi


Second Major

Erin Kay Williams

Interdepartmental Majors

Computer Science - Cultural Anthropology
Esther Brown
Environmental Science – Cultural Anthropology
Lauren Melissa Hadley



Brennan Begay
Madeline Elizabeth Davet
Cristina Michelle Garcia-Ayala
Lama Cheri Hantash
Teig Wittman Hennessy
Christopher Troy Jackson II
Cara Lauren Kim
Natalie Rene Larson
Yunjoo Rachel Lee
Maliik Marcin
Sean Kassim Fern Rafique
Fritznick Thelusca
Julia Wang