The department will attempt to assist students who are A.B.D., normally beginning at the end of the third year, with funds for travel to one conference per academic year. 

Students who are not yet A.B.D., but have been invited to participate as a paper-giver or discussant at a major conference (e.g. American Anthropological Association, African Studies Association, and so forth) are also eligible for funding.

The amount available may change each year depending on the budgetary situation, and past precedents do not apply.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, students may apply for funding for one conference, either $350 for a domestic conference or $700 for an international conference, except Canada.

Students wishing to apply must do so no later than six weeks in advance of the conference, e-mailing their request to the DGS.  Requests should include a brief letter of intent, a brief paper abstract and budget.

In addition to submitting a request to the department, eligible students can also request conference travel support from the Graduate School. 

Only A.B.D. students are eligible for this additional funding from the Graduate School.  Reimbursement from the graduate school is available for both domestic and international travel.  

No reporting or withholding requirement is necessary since students are traveling on Duke Business; typically presenting a paper on behalf of Duke.  Documentation is necessary to substantiate the type of program

Please click on the link below to access the conference travel award application and more information.


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