Famed humanitarian Paul Farmer on how Duke anthropology changed his life.

Undergraduate Study at Duke

Undergraduates can either major or minor in Cultural Anthropology; in both cases, we strongly support study abroad, summer ethnographic research, and the senior thesis capstone experience.  We will work with majors to secure funding for ethnographic research in the summer, and many students use this research as the basis for their senior theses.  Our faculty, with their diverse global interests, can provide rich resources for students as their hone their anthropological areas of interest.  Cultural anthropology majors go on to many and varied careers including teaching, social service, advertising, medicine, law, community mobilization, art and performance, government and non-governmental organizations, transnational development, labor organizing, writing and editing, information sciences, business, and academia. 

We invite you to view the video above from our distinguished graduate Professor Paul Farmer (Harvard Medical School) about the foundational impact of his Duke Cultural Anthropology degree on his acclaimed career as a Medical Anthropologist.

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Ralph Litzinger

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