Martin Powell, B.A. 2006

Partner at Meyer, Blohm, & Powell, Tallahassee & Florida

B.A., Cultural Anthropology, Markets & Management certificate (2006)

How has being a Cultural Anthropology graduate from Duke helped shape you personally and/or professionally?

"Even though most do not see the connection between law and cultural anthropology, I am convinced that my background gives me the critical ability to empathize with people. People are comprised of even more history than they are aware of, and this understanding allows me to successfully connect with and help people from all walks of life involved in different life-altering disputes."

What advice would you give students in Duke's Cultural Anthropology programs?

"Open your eyes to the possibilities that cultural anthropology provides. The ultimate skill is to transition the lessons learned to whatever field you enter. Duke Cultural Anthropology opens many doors, so many that it is hard to determine which to walk into."

Martin Powell