Visiting Our Department

Students who are competitive for our doctoral program will be invited to visit and meet our faculty and graduate students. This may be done anytime after being accepted, and we encourage students to arrange this at a time when they can attend a graduate seminar and/or the departmental colloquium. We attempt to have students meet as many faculty and graduate students in residence as possible, and to meet others across campus they would be interested in working with as well. Please note: the policy of our department is to admit students who could feasibly work with any individual faculty member rather than designate a mentorship relationship right off the bat. For this reason, we encourage prospective students to get to know the entire faculty rather than just the one or two faculty members whose areal/theoretical fields overlap most strongly with their own.

In the interest of fairness to all applicants, departmental visits from prospective students are strongly discouraged prior to admission. Applicants should be advised that prior contact with faculty members does not advantage their application status.