Recent Graduates

2022 Graduates

Hannah Borenstein
Hannah Borenstein, Ph.D.

Her dissertation research was an ethnographic project investigating the lives of Ethiopian women long-distance runners navigating a transnational network of coaches, agents, and sponsorship companies. She explored the relationships that emerge between athletes and a range of actors to better understand the working conditions of women athletes in transnational capitalist sport. 

Zachary Levine
Zachary Levine, Ph.D.

Studied incarceration; ayahuasca; mediumship; spiritual healing; psychedelics, morality, and freedom; religion; the ego; plant sensing; gender and sexuality; Brazil; Amazônia

Jacob Silver
Jacob Silver, Ph.D.

Studied Palestinian politics through the lens of astronomy.

Christopher Webb
Christopher Webb, Ph.D.

Dr. Webb investigated war trauma, focusing on how racialized and gendered discourses of warriordom determine how people suffer and heal.  His fieldwork concerned the usage of indigenous ritual to heal veterans from trauma. 

Naledi Yaziyo
Naledi Yaziyo, M.A.

Areas of interest: Critical ethnography of the university, academic capitalism and the global university, policy in South African higher education, postcolonial theory in education, South African campus movements.

2021 Graduates

Christopher Daley, Ph.D.

Explored the experiences of young Cubans in late socialist Cuba.

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Ana Huang, Ph.D.

Explored queer women's activism in China.

Matthew Sebastian, Ph.D.

Investigated how young people navigate states of security and vulnerability in post-conflict northern Uganda. His work engages men and women working as private security guards (particularly those working on NGO compounds), current and formerly incarcerated youth, and individuals going to work across the border in South Sudan in order to explore how young people forge futures under intense constraint.

Jason Woerner
Jason Woerner, Ph.D.

Area of study: Thailand