Graduation with Distinction for Interdepartmental Majors

IDM students may follow: 

  • a disciplinary track and pursue graduation with distinction through either the primary or the secondary department. Students who elect this track must fulfill all requirements of graduation with distinction in the chosen discipline and will graduate with distinction in that discipline. This option will allow you to graduate with distinction in cultural anthropology.  Or, 
  • an interdisciplinary (IDM) track, for students whose proposed honors project substantially combines both disciplines and their methodologies. Students who elect this track must fulfill the requirements outlined below and will graduate with “Distinction in the Interdepartmental Major.”

Please note the GPA for the IDM track is 3.3 overall and 3.5 in the major.  You must also submit an application form (form included in link below) to the Associate Dean for Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies no later than September 15 of the senior year.

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