Career Options

Cultural Anthropology prepares you for a variety of successful professional careers. Many graduates go on to professional school in law, medicine, public policy, social work, or business. Others go directly into journalism, teaching, advertising, and non-profit organizations, often with an international or multicultural focus. All of these fields place a high premium on issues of cultural understanding and diversity, and a Cultural Anthropology degree offers a unique set of resources and perspectives to bring to a professional career.

Some majors from the Duke Cultural Anthropology Department have pursued masters or doctoral degrees in Anthropology, and have been accepted into some of the finest graduate programs in the country. Because it offers a critical understanding of vital questions of identity and society, the major serves as a valuable foundation for graduate study in other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including economics, literature, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. 

Alumni Information

The Duke placement office has Alumni career profiles of Anthropology majors which include alumni's current jobs and contact numbers for those interested in discussing professional careers in general and/or opportunities in specific professions. Cultural Anthropology majors are also encouraged to discuss their career plans and concerns with their individual advisors and faculty with whom they have worked closely.

You can also connect with Alumni through the Duke Alumni Association network.

Alumni Stories

Watch videos from two alums:

  • Professor Paul Farmer (Harvard Medical School), who discusses the foundational impact of his Duke Cultural Anthropology degree on his acclaimed career as a Medical Anthropologist
  • Senior Political Reporter for CNN Nia-Malika Henderson '96, who reports broadly on the 2016 campaign for CNN's digital and television platforms, with a special focus on identity politics — exploring the dynamics of demographics, race and religion, and reporting on the groups of people who help shape national elections.