Financial Support

Graduate Fellowships provide tuition plus a living stipend for five years, contingent on continued appropriate progress toward the Ph.D. degree. Stipends and fellowships require service in the form of teaching assistance. Other university awards are given on a competitive basis to outstanding students. These include the James B. Duke Fellowships, International Dissertation Fellowships, University Scholars Fellowships, and Deans' Fellowships.

You are also encouraged to seek fellowships for graduate study in Anthropology that are awarded by non-university agencies, as these frequently offer high stipends and several years of continuous support. Various university and external funding sources provide awards for pre-doctoral and doctoral research, including field research in Anthropology, and students are encouraged to apply for these at the appropriate time. Some additional funding as well as part-time teaching positions may be available to students beyond the fifth year.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Graduate School financial support information to better understand how the department and the Graduate School work together to assist Ph.D students with their funding support.