Typical Course of Study

Year 1
  • Required classes: Theories I (CULANTH 801) in Fall, Theories II (CULANTH 802) in Spring
  • Serve as RA or TA to faculty
  • Plan of Study due last Friday of January
  • Identify at least one Ph.D. committee member by end of April
  • Successful completion of¬†Theories I and II exam required for continuation in graduate program
  • Summer between Year 1 and 2: conduct preliminary field research
Year 2
  • Required class: Research Methods (CULANTH 803) in Spring
  • Complete annotations for one (of three) reading lists
  • Serve as TA
  • Nominate the remainder of the Ph.D. committee by February 1. Committee composition: A¬†Ph.D. committee consists of four members, three of which are primary faculty in Cultural Anthropology and one of which is from another discipline (either at Duke or elsewhere) or from an anthropology department at another institution; although discouraged, a committee may consist of more than four members but the student should discuss such a possibility with their advisor
  • Plan of Study due late February
  • Field Specialization Workshop with Ph.D. committee late April
  • Recommended: take at least one independent study in Spring
  • Summer between Year 2 and 3: conduct preliminary field research & complete annotations for second reading list
Year 3
  • Required class: Grant Writing (CULANTH 804) in Fall
  • Submit grant applications for dissertation research
  • Submit application for IRB approval for dissertation research
  • Fall: complete annotations for third reading list
  • Serve as TA
  • For those leaving for the field in January, schedule Portfolio Workshop for early December
  • For those leaving for the field in June, schedule Portfolio Workshop for late April
Year 4
  • Dissertation research
  • Funding: students are strongly encouraged to apply for a second round of external funding while in the field in instances in which external funding was not originally awarded. Funding awarded by the Graduate School is considered internal. Students awarded internal funding (whether from the department or the Graduate School) receive two semesters of support and should consider reapplying for Wenner-Gren, SSRC, NSF, etc. if they would like to remain in the field for a third semester

Year 5
  • Dissertation writing & defense
  • Serve as TA, or teach own class