Typical Course of Study

Year 1
  • Required classes: Theories I (CULANTH 801) in fall, Theories II (CULANTH 802) in spring
  • Serve as RA or TA to faculty
  • Plan of Study due last Friday of January
  • Identify at least one Ph.D. committee member by end of April
  • Successful completion of┬áTheories I and II exam required for continuation in graduate program
  • Summer between Year 1 and 2: conduct preliminary field research
Year 2
  • Required class: Research Methods (CULANTH 803) in spring
  • Complete annotations for one (of three) reading lists
  • Serve as TA
  • Plan of Study due last Friday of January
  • Fill out remainder of Ph.D. committee by February 1
  • Field Specialization Workshop with Ph.D. committee, late April
  • Recommended: take at least one independent study in spring
  • Summer between Year 2 and 3: conduct preliminary field research & complete annotations for second reading list
Year 3
  • Required class: Grant Writing (CULANTH 804) in fall
  • Submit grant applications for dissertation research
  • Submit application for IRB approval for dissertation research
  • Fall: complete annotations for third reading list
  • Serve as TA
  • For those leaving for the field in January, schedule Portfolio Workshop for early December
  • For those leaving for the field in June, schedule Portfolio Workshop for late April
Year 4
  • Dissertation research
Year 5
  • Dissertation writing & defense
  • Serve as TA, or teach own class