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Upon declaring the major, you are assigned an advisor, who is specifically selected to support your particular interests. Together, you and your advisor will discuss the requirements and options within the major. You should meet with your advisor at least once per semester to discuss progress in the major and the courses selected for subsequent terms. Your advisors will also offer you advice and guidance on careers in anthropology; advisors assist students in using the major to locate and obtain jobs, and help guide students in designing and advancing their career.

The Departments of Cultural Anthropology and African and African American Studies, in conjunction with the Duke University Global Education Office for Undergraduates, offer a six-week, two-course program on culture and life in Ghana.

The program is based at the University of Ghana at Legon, just outside the capital city, Accra. Courses are taught by the program director and Ghanaian faculty and focus on Ghanaian politics, history, social life, dance, music and art. Field trips complement course work.

For more information and the program schedule, visit Duke in Ghana at the Global Education for Undergraduates site.

Independent Study: CULANTH 291

Individual non-research directed study in a field of special interest on a previously approved topic, under the supervision of a faculty member, resulting in an academic product. With consent of instructor and director of undergraduate studies.

Research Independent Study: CULANTH 293

Individual research in a field of special interest under the supervision of a faculty member, the central goal of which is a substantive paper or written report containing significant analysis and interpretation of a previously approved topic. With consent of instructor and director of undergraduate studies.

Research Independent Study on Contemporary China: CULANTH 393A-1

Research and field studies culminating in a paper approved and supervised by the resident director of the Duke in China Program. Includes field trips on cultural and societal changes in contemporary China. Offered only in the Duke in China Program.

For more information about Independent Study, including policies, procedures and permission form, visit Undergraduate Policies.

Both Cultural Anthropology majors and minors are encouraged to conduct original, ethnographic research based in the location, and on the topic, of their choice. While the Cultural Anthropology department has no independent funding to support such research, faculty members will work with you to secure University funding for your summer project. You are encouraged to consult the Office of Undergraduate Research Support for regular updates about funding opportunities for Duke students.

Research Projects Ethics & Practice

We invite you to view videos about research ethics co-developed by Cultural Anthropology doctoral student Dwayne Dixon with support from Duke's Institutional Review Board and Social Science Research Institute. This video is a great introduction to considering the question of research ethics in fieldwork.