We are now accepting applicants for our doctorate program for Fall 2024.  Applications are due December 5th, 2023.

Cultural Anthropology today is marked by attention to world's dynamism. No longer just the study of remote societies, the discipline explores how people produce, inhabit, and make sense of the interconnected worlds they inhabit. The department is committed to the study of the politics of culture, power, and history as well as complex questions of theory, method, and interpretation. 

Recent dissertation projects include work on: everyday survival among Fukushima nuclear victims; women marathon runners in Ethiopia; coastal erosion in West Africa; Black male youth and sports in North Carolina; Palestinian astronomy projects; youth and post-humanitarianism in northern Uganda; Pan-African politics in Venezuela; repurposing food waste in Brussels; Christian evangelism in post-Tahir Egypt; sounding the city in Gulu, Uganda; war, traumatic injury and Chinese medical practitioners in South Sudan; Tunisian male youth engagements with ISIS.