Professor Emerita of Cultural Anthropology Irene Silverblatt receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Irene Silverblatt


The American Society of Ethnohistory annually recognizes the outstanding scholarship and contributions of our exceptional members whose lifetime of hard work and dedication to ASE, their outstanding scholarship, and their mentoring of young scholars have been crucial in establishing and maintaining our organization. Although we can never thank them sufficiently for their contributions we hope that recognizing them at our annual meeting will be a partial thank you for their hard work.

Congratulations, Irene!

Awardees for 2020-21 – Regna Darnell, Jeanette Peterson, Helen Rountree, and Irene Silverblatt
Awardees for 2019-20 – No awards given; conference postponed
Awardees for 2018-19 – Elizabeth Hill Boone, Raymond D. Fogelson, Stafford Poole, and Dean Snow
Awardees for 2017-18 – Susan M. Deeds, Rayna Green, Frederick E. Hoxie, and Frank Salomon
Awardees for 2016-17 – Jennifer S.H. Brown, Robert Carmack, Theda Perdue, Neal Salisbury, and Susan Schroeder

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