Video of recent Donna Haraway talk: Making OddKin: Telling Stories for Earthly Survival

Video of October 26, 2017  talk by Donna Haraway

Watch:  Making OddKin: Telling Stories for Earthly Survival

Multispecies environmental and reproductive justice must be practiced against human exceptionalism and in resistance to colonial capitalist divisions of species, landscapes, peoples, classes, genders, populations, races, natures, and societies. Easy to say; hard to do. The language and politics of these categories alone block needed stories, needed practices. But a turn to SF—to string figures, scientific fact, speculative fabulation, speculative feminism—helps tie differently storied knots. Tentacular thinking is the name of the game. To get us started, Taiwan dogs provoke the need and capacity for their humans throughout the Pacific to become more worldly. The talk then turns to Pacific-Island tree snails and their stubborn marine biologist to examine a turn from doing “pure science” to doing “geobiopolitics” for multispecies flourishing. Finally, taking on the urgent question of heavy human numbers on the earth, the frank speculative fabulation of the Camille Stories re-imagines multispecies environmental and reproductive justice in symbiogenesis and symanimagenesis. Making oddkin is the goal.